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Wise Old Sage


Wise Old Sage

Follow the Wise Old Sage on his journey to Hanyang

In the land there are troubling times with the constant fear of invasion from the north and the interference by the Confucian Scholars in the King’s efforts to lead his people.

The Scholars believe that any thought other than their own beliefs were heresy and should be extinguished. The King needing someone who was wise and would give him honest unbiased council has called the Wise Old Sage to the palace in the capital.

 In answering the King’s call the Sage imparts his wisdom for successful everyday living with those whom he encounters as he journeys along the road to the capital city of Hanyang.

 Through the ages there have been universal principals which have stood the test of time and have been embraced by all mankind.

Join the Wise Old Sage as he shares these principals through his Scrolls

This written material is copyrighted 2016 by and solely orignated by its author Curtis William Lee, Sr. a.k.a Lee Hyeon-in

Photograph: Jo Gwangjo, also often called by his pen name Jeong-am, was a Korean Neo-Confucian scholar who pursued radical reforms during the reign of Jungjong of Joseon in the early 16th century. Wikipedia

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