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Curtis William Lee Sr Retired Chairman Emerald Financial - Author & Philosopher

Curtis William Lee Sr 이 현인
Retired Chairman Emerald Financial – Author & Philosopher

 이 현인 

Curtis William Lee, Sr. started his first business as a paperboy when he was 10 years old. Over the course of the last 71 he has created several businesses in the fields of finance and insurance and sold them. He lived in Central America for 7 years working with a University, foundations and other local organizations in developing agriculture, business and educational programs for the public.

He authored a book about the Bay Islands of Honduras which was presented to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on his visit to the island by the local people.

He has a keen interest in the Asian culture and has studied extensively the history of Korea with a special emphasis on the Joseon period.  From this study he is presently writing his new book “The Wise Old Sage.”

He is the Chairman of the Emerald Institute which provides an online educational center  for teaching of English and Korean. Through the power of world-wide communication students from around the world see and speak to each other while interacting with the teacher. Emerald Institute provides the platform to student and teacher. Emerald Institute

He is a prolific writer and you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook:

@cwlsr daily positive thoughts for everyday living
@cwleesr His thoughts on world events and business

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