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How Can I Trust Again? Scroll III

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Wise Old Sage

Follow the Wise Old Sage on his journey to Hanyang

How Can I Trust Again? Scroll

After spending time with the farmer the Wise Old Sage asked how far the next town was and if there was a place to sleep and eat. The farmer told him that he would accompany him and show him a place that was safe and the food was good.

 The small village they were going to was known as a center for the trade of a rare ginseng root. Ginseng was very expensive and known for its medicinal properties as it was used in many medicines that were formulated by the physician at this time.

The village drew many foreigners who came to purchase ginseng. It created a form lawlessness because of the friction between the foreigners and the local traders. From time to time the foreigners would get the best of the local ginseng dealers with promises of great riches as exemplified by what happened to the family that the Wise Old Sage would be staying with.

The farmer and the Wise Old Sage finally arrived at a small restaurant. The farmer introduced the owners who bowed deeply in respect and the Wise Old Sage bowed in return. The farmer requested that they provide lodging which they readily agreed to because they were overjoyed to have such an honorable guest.

In the evening the husband and wife shared with the Wise Old Sage how the discovery of the rare ginseng had changed the little village. How the people had become greedy and could no longer could be trusted. It was friends and family members that had disappointed them the most.

The wife explained how as she served food at the restaurant she would over hear the conversations of the traders. How in foreign lands there was a great demand at high prices for the rare ginseng. If people would invest their money with a trader they would reap large rewards once the ginseng was sold in the foreign land.

There was one foreign trader who had for several years ate at the restaurant and was considered a honest and reputable person by the family. They had never discussed with him about the ginseng trade or if they could invest with him.

The wife said about six months ago my husband’s oldest brother came and said that he needed to borrow two hundred coins because he and another friend had been talking to the trader who came often to our restaurant about investing in the rare ginseng. The trader had told him that he had a new buyer in a foreign land that would pay top price if he could supply a large amount of ginseng. He said that to buy the quantity needed he needed additional investors.

My brother-in-law said that if we would loan him the money he would repay us the amount borrowed and would give us six out of every 10 coins that was profit. We were hesitant but since we felt confident in the foreigner and it was my husband’s oldest brother. So we said yes because we trusted them.

When the foreigner returned several months later and came to the restaurant to eat one day we questioned him about his trip and his success in selling the additional amount ginseng that my brother-in-law had invested with him. The foreigner looked surprise and said he thought he was going to invest but never did. Of course we were shocked and did not know what to say.

I said to my husband how can this be it is your brother and we trusted in him. I will never trust anyone were my last words to my husband that day because I was very angry since it had taken me four years to save the 200 coins. I don’t think I will ever trust again!

The Wise Old Sage had seen this many times where people trusted others and had lost everything usually from greed but in this instance it was not from greed but genuine trust in their fellow man.

The Wise Old Sage said to the husband and wife, great is the person who can trust but foolish is the person who does not verify in what they trust. It is alright to trust but always make sure you get all the facts before you commit to any agreement.

The husband and wife understood the wise council from the Wise Old Sage and said that is what they will do in the future.

The next morning they bid the Wise Old Sage farewell and bowed again thanking him for his wise council and asked him to please come again.

 The Wise Old Sage bowed and thanked them for their generous hospitality and began again on his journey down the road to Hanyang.









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