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The Wise Old Sage and the Wisdom Scrolls are set in a time when the country’s laws, customs and social standing were based on the Confucian Scholars understanding of the sayings of Confucius and his Five Classics. There were political wars going on between the Hungu and Sarim factions with King Jungjong favoring the Sarims. The most powerful member of Sarim Faction was Kim Gueng-pil’s disciple Jo Gwang-jo. It was Jo Gwang-jo’s belief that certain rights and privileges should be given to the people which created enmity between him and the elite of the country. Because of this belief he was given the name the Wise Old Sage. At times when the people saw the Wise Old Sage coming they would bow deeply and say “Our master is coming.”[1]

The Wise Old Sage’s journey to the capital city of Hanyang is chronicled in the Wisdom Scroll. The scrolls tell the stories of people he meets along the way who are seeking answers to question about everyday life.

The trip becomes a school for educating the Young Scholar about the trials and tribulations of the poor and uneducated of the country. He learns from the Wise Old Sage answers to questions in how live in a troubled world as well as how to solve everyday problems.

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