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Overcoming the Trials of Life Scroll V

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Follow the Wise Old Sage on his journey to Hanyang

Overcoming the Trials of Life Scroll

As the Wise Old Sage and the Young Scholar journeyed down the narrow road they heard the loud noise of a horse coming toward them. The rider called out to them “saying out of the way I am on the King’s business.” As the horse rode passed, he caused the Wise Old Sage to stumble and fall. The Young Scholar lifted up the old man and dusted him off. He suggested that they cross the road to where a mountain stream was flowing and take a brief rest. The Sage agreed and they crossed the road and went down a small embankment to get to the stream.

As they approached the steam they notice three women washing clothes on the other side. The women were chatting and laughing as they beat the clothes with wooden sticks.

The Old Sage and Young Scholar sat down and relaxed as they washed the dust off. They drank the cool mountain water while listening to the women. They could not tell if they were slaves or low born.

As they sat they heard the women discuss the different trials of life that they faced everyday such as no money, husbands, children, mother-in-laws, lack of food and adequate housing for the family plus bad neighbors.

As the Old Sage listened he thought that they were discussing universal trials that common people face all their lifetime. He asked the Young Scholar what he thought of the trials the women faced. The Young Scholar did not know what to say because he had lived a somewhat sheltered life and had not had to face such trials.

This became the first opportunity for the Old Sage to give the Young Scholar his first wisdom lesson in daily living.

The Old Sage explained that low born and slaves had a subsistence existence and had fears of the treatment they might receive from those above their social standing. The Young Scholar questioned the Old Sage as to how the people coped with the trials of life as well as what was the best way to approach those trials.

The Old Sage explained that it takes courage to face the trials of everyday life. It takes wisdom to fully understand them and the strength of character to overcome them. In solving their trials a person has to stick by their convictions if they are honest and true.

The Young Scholar asked several other questions about trials before the Old Sage said that they must get on their way if they are to find a place of lodging before night fall.  So they continued on their journey while the Young Scholar shared some of the saying by Confucius.

The Wise Old Sage says: It takes courage to face the trials of everyday life, wisdom to understand them and strength of character to overcome them. In solving your trials stick by your convictions if they are honest and true.

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