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The Young Scholar’s Journey Begins Scroll IV

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Follow the Wise Old Sage on his journey to Hanyang

The Young Scholar’s Journey Begins  Scroll IV

The Wise Old Sage left the little village thinking about the family he had just left behind. He thought that it is really easy to fear to trust others once they have broken your trust. He knew what broken trust was like because we are all human and are victims of it. The fear to trust can be overcome once a person realizes that everyone is not worthy of their trust. He hoped that the family would understand this and live a more peaceful life.

It was early spring and the day was beautiful with a few puffy white clouds in a bright blue sky. On each side of the road you could see the flowers blooming with a fusion of many colors which could not help but make you feel good.

As the Wise Old Sage came around a bend in the road he saw a large green willow tree. In the distance he could just make out that there was someone sitting and resting under the tree.

When he approached the tree a young man stood up and bowed not recognizing the Wise Old Sage. The young man called out asking where are you bound? The Wise Old Sage said I am on my way to the capital Hanyang. The young man said that is good sir for that is where I am going also. With your permission I would like to join you on your way.

Before the Wise Old Sage would give him permission he asked why the young man was going to Hanyang. The young man said he was a Confucian Scholar and hoped to attend the Sunggyungwan School for scholars in the study of Confucius and his writings.

The Wise Old Sage asked the Young Scholar’s name, which family he came from and what town he lived in. The Young Scholar responded by saying my name is Yi Hwang from the Jinseong Yi Clan and I am from the village of Ongye-ri in the south.

He also stated that he had studied the Analects and the Five Classics of Confucius with the desire to be a counselor to the King.

The Wise Old Sage agreed that the Young Scholar could join him and he needed to be on his way because he had an appointment in Hanyang soon. So they began their journey together. The Young Scholar was soon to learn the wisdom of everyday living

The Wise Old Sage Says: The fear to trust can be overcome once a person realizes that everyone is not worthy of their true

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