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Great is the person who can trust, Foolish is the person who does not verify that which he trust.

The good character of any country, group of people or person diminishes as it loses its respect and practice of filial piety.

Never fear failure, from failure can come good when you have a positive attitude.

No decision is a decision because it leaves things as they are by default.

Stop! Take an honest inventory of your successes and failures. Plan your future using the knowledge you gained from your successes.

Truth is like beauty it is in the eyes of the beholder. Truth to one person is not always perceived as truth to another

Your greatest power which no one can take away from you unless you are willing to give it up is your power to choose

Decisions are easy to make! The difficult part is to act upon those decisions

Tomorrow never comes. It is always today, so make it the best day of your life

All decisions should include this formula: Logic + Reason + Common Sense = Wisdom (wise decision)

Create wealth: Always pay yourself 10% first then become a lender and not a borrower

Think before you act. Weigh the risk versus the reward then act with certainty

Vision without action is nothing but a pipe dream

One of the greatest personal satisfactions is knowledge that you have done more than is expected of you

Nature teaches us lessons: The turtle never makes progress until he sticks his neck out.  Take calculated risks if you dare to succeed

Just like the acorn has the seed of a mighty oak tree You have within you the seed of greatness if you will only nurture it
Achievement comes when you believe in yourself and have the positive support of those around you

Life is full of adversity, the question is will you act or react to it with a positive or negative frame of mind.

In business weigh all your options then choose the ones that will bring an honest and best benefit to everyone

If it is to be in life then it is up to you alone who should decide your fate

Look for those things which you find beautiful embrace them and bring happiness to your life

The real truth is often disregarded because people choose to not believe it or do not want discover it

Fear can be a real motivator or a stumbling block. The only way to overcome your fear is to take action

All business works in cycles. If you understand this you are one step ahead in reaching your goals

No one ever succeeded in business without the help of others. Find the right people and they will help you

In business unless you plan to fail then by all means develop a realistic plan and follow it with all you might

The right attitude (Positive) will carry you to success and the wrong attitude (Negative) will destined you to failure

In business dynamic change always comes so be a change leader by having a positive attitude toward change

Every day when you wake up you are writing a new page in your book of life. What will your story be when the book is finished?

A day doesn’t make a life but the choices made that day can determine how you live the rest of your life

It takes courage to face the trials of everyday life, wisdom to understand them and strength of character to overcome them

Vision mixed with burning desire plus ethical and honest actions always brings positive results

May the success you seek always find you

How much have you deposited in your goodwill bank? There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to make a withdrawal

When you fall down there is only one way and that is up. So dust yourself off and keep moving forward towards your vision

When forced to choose between the right choice and some other choice which is easier? Always choose the right choice it may cost in the short run but will be profitable in the long run

Change in business is inevitable, how will you react to it? Will you embrace it as an opportunity and move forward or will you resist it and fall behind

Having genuine respect for those who only report the facts and not their own opinion is a luxury for the rest of us who can give our opinion on those facts

Everything has an origin, where did yours begin and how will it end?

To lead is to give clear succinct unequivocal directions and then demonstrate them by example

One of the best attribute’s of a good leader is to be able to create and then implement his or her new ideas

People hear only what they want to hear which leads to confusion and misunderstanding. As a leader it is important to listen and get a clear understanding

Taking short cuts in life often lead to failure or sudden destruction.

Loss is not a shameful thing. Not admitting loss is a shameful thing.

You are grown up when you first discover you aren’t the center of everything. Second is when you discover that no matter how hard you work there are times when you will fail. The third time is when you know and understand that you have no more ability but still want to fight for it.

A day happens whether you are happy or sad. I would rather choose to live happily.

Acknowledging there is a problem is the first step in overcoming it.

Being organized leads one to an orderly method of action.

A tiny lapse can lead to a huge mistake Then think before you act

You can’t change the truth because it shows itself through words and actions.

Opportunities are there for those who prepare.

A false start cannot end well.

A good person doesn’t live long but evil exist a thousand years.

Life is meant to be lived slowly. Then we shouldn’t pass through our lives as though we are in a war.

When darkness comes even your shadow will leave you. So when your living life you can only depend on yourself.

You can’t judge a book by the pictures or words on its cover, just as you can’t measure the ocean with a pot. First impressions may be lasting impressions but in the end you may have come to the wrong conclusion. So don’t be quick to judge it may cost you in the long run.

Don’t torture the present because of the past any more Only think about moving forward.

A single mistake makes many regrets.

The one who loves more may be the one who loses in the end. Relationships that work and last have one common ingredient which is called mutual respect.

Have you ever notice that good news never leaves the home. Bad news seems to travel a thousand miles.

We don’t choose when we are born, but we can choose when we die.

Being angry is taking other peoples faults and punishing (hurting) yourself.

There are two things that you cannot hide and they are Love and Sneeze.

The skin is closer than the shirt. It is better to know yourself than let someone else tell you who you are.

Little strokes of the ax will surely fell great oaks. So take your time and stay focused because you will eventually succeed in your efforts.

It is said that your worst enemy will turn up at the wrong places. But friends very seldom come when needed.

Parents raise children but hardship molds them. Good parents let their children work through their hardships because they know that in the end their children will become stronger.

People make plans, but successes are created by heaven so we can only do the best that we can because there no guarantees in life

Never say NEVER because it is the one word (promise) that humans make but do not have the ability to keep.

No matter how carefully you plan your goals they will never be more than pipe dreams unless you pursue them with gusto.

Sales are contingent up the attitude of the salesperson – not the attitude of the prospect.

Truth will always be truth, regardless of the lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance.

Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will So DO it Now.

Events tend to recur in cycles just take a look at world history to see which countries are declining and which ones are rising to their former place in the world

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.

I have the knowledge. I have the success system that never fails because if it is to be it is up to ME.

So many fail because they don’t get started – they don’t go. They don’t overcome inertia. They just don’t begin.

Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it.

The law of large numbers is the one principle that all great salespersons have learned. You have to get the Noes out of the way to get to the Yeses.

The lament of a young lover. “I love thee, but when I say this to thee why doeth thy turn thy head? Doeth thy love another? Even so I will love thee forever.” We never forget our first love.

As humans we can become jaded by our present situation and life experiences; which can make it hard for us to realize the truth

Everything has an origin. Life is a journey Will you determine how it was or in the end will you have let someone else determine it for you?

If we think things through we can accomplish two things with one try.

There two different kinds of Sight! Foresight can often bring happiness on the other hand Hindsight often brings sadness. Those who think ahead often have Foresight rather than those who just float along not thinking ahead and often wish they had had Foresight

The best way to make sure you are understood – think before you say it and then say what you think in a clear and succinct manner so there will be no room left for doubt.

In one’s life time there will be gains and losses, just hope at the end when you tally up the score you will have more gains than losses. Remember everything happens in cycles just like the stock market.

The first rule of ownership: Don’t place it in the hand of those who didn’t buy it or didn’t earn it.

If you think that you can change the people you care about and like by only changing yourself then think again because that is wishful thinking because it will never happen.

History serves as a reference point to be able to make sound judgements and decisions. Those who would not learn or research historical facts are less likely to be correct in their decisions

All of the quotes are the original writings of this author Lee Hyeon-in 이현-인 and are international copyrighted material. For permission to use contact

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